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Objectives: The aim of M2Neural is to develop a multifunctional coating for peripheral neural interfaces. The target is a non-degradable hydrogel that will minimize the mechanical mismatch between the implanted device and the tissues, promote electrode biocompatibility and axonal health thanks to the gradual release of neurotrophic and anti-inflammatory factors, and provide neurons with indirect electrical stimuli, by means of piezoelectric nanoparticles embedded in the hydrogel and periodical external ultrasound stimulation of the implant.

SMANIA role: Electrode active site masking, engineering of the deposition/functionalization process and its inclusion in the standard industrial pipeline for neural interfaces production, exploitation of the product innovations achieved in the project course.


The research leading to these results received funding from the European Community's Seventh Framework Programme FP7-M-ERA.NET

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Our high-tech profile, makes SMANIA an ideal partner also for research projects and frontier activities in the neuroscientific field. We collaborate with research centers around the world to innovate neurotechnologies for future applications in the biomedical field. 



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